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A frequently asked question is whether an oral agreement is an enforceable contract. While the short answer is yes, an oral agreement, assuming it has the elements of a contract, is an enforceable contract, the better practice is to reduce agreements to writing.

We enter contracts all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. Legally enforceable contracts can be written or oral. Almost any time you agree  to buy or sell goods or services, hire someone, or take some action for someone else you are entering into a legally enforceable contract. 

Written agreements are generally easier to enforce than oral agreements and certain types of contracts are required to be in writing. Written agreements help prevent disputes from arising and are easier to prove later on if a dispute arises.

Be proactive and engage the services of an experienced attorney before you sign on the dotted line. Ms. Boswell has experience with an array of contracts, including buy/sell agreements, leases,  employment agreements, service contracts, letters of intent and more. For assistance in drafting, interpreting and enforcing your contract call (561)227-1529 today for a consultation. 

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